With over 20 years of experience in the dairy feed industry, Paradox Nutrition offers a wide range of dairy nutrition consulting services for the dairy production industry. Dairy nutrition consulting services include controlled research studies on commercial dairy farms and computer modeling with complete nutritional assessment and statistical analysis. We also offer dairy nutrition seminars across the world with new, practical, and understandable information for consultants and dairy producers. In addition, we can provide writing and publication on a variety of topics including a popular press such as Hoard's Dairyman, nutrition writing for technical bulletins, and complete literature reviews. Finally, our personalized on-farm dairy nutritional consultation can provide expert advice and devise the most cost-effective rations for the dairy producer.



Paradox Nutrition provides writing for scientific, popular press, technical bulletins, and comprehensive literature review.


Recognized as an industry authority, Mary Beth de Ondarza has been a featured speaker at numerous meetings for dairy producers and dairy nutritionists across the globe.


From controlled studies on commercial dairies to complex meta-analyses, rely on Paradox Nutrition for your dairy nutrition research.

Dairy Nutrition Consulting

Paradox Nutrition provides dairy nutrition consulting services including on-farm troubleshooting and ration evaluation.

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