Mary Beth de Ondarza has been a featured speaker at numerous meetings for dairy producers and dairy nutritionists across the United States and in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Europe, China and Japan.  Mary Beth’s goal is to present timely technical information in a way that is easy for everyone in the audience to understand.

Mary Beth de Ondarza of Paradox Nutrition Conducting Dairy Nutrition Seminar

"Cost Effectiveness of Feed Additives" - Penn State Nutrition Workshop 2009

Recent Seminar Topics

  • Nutrition and Management for Maximum Dairy Efficiency
  • Feeding and Management Strategies for the Environment as well as Your Bottomline
  • Maximizing Rumen Health, Digestion and Efficiency in High-Producing Dairy Cows
  • Strategies for Optimum Rumen and Hindgut Health
  • Achieving a High Forage Diet
  • Losses in TMR and Ration Balancing
  • Cost Effectiveness of Feed Additives
  • Choosing Seed Traits with the Cow in Mind
  • Forage Preservation and Quality
  • Understanding Starch Digestibility in the Dairy Cow
  • Feed Management and Ration Formulation with Higher Feed Costs
  • Understanding Rumen Function to Maximize Forage Efficiency
  • Lemonade from Lemons:  Getting the Most from Distillers Dried Grains
  • Improving Feed Efficiency when Feed Costs are High
  • Growing Your Own Calf to a Dairy Replacement Heifer


Mary Beth de Ondarza of Paradox Nutrition Consulting with Farmers

"Maximizing Rumen Health and Efficiency" - Ontario Dairy Day 2009