All research conducted by Paradox Nutrition, LLC is confidential, but, a company may choose to publish the results.   If this is the case, Paradox Nutrition, LLC typically publishes research in abstract form and presents research at the annual scientific meetings (ADSA, ASAS, or JAM).  Manuscript preparation and submission is conducted for the journal chosen by the funding company, typically Journal of Dairy Science or The Professional Animal Scientist.

Popular Press

Mary Beth de Ondarza regularly contributes articles to Hoard’s Dairyman on nutrition topics.  This work is done independently and generally not associated with work conducted for a feed or feed additive supplier. However, Hoard’s Dairyman and other magazines such as Feedstuffs may publish articles written by Mary Beth in association with a feed or feed additive supplier if they are non-biased and do not promote specific products.

dairy cows in freestall with silage

"Can chromium help insulin sensitivity?"

"Feed cows not the manure pit."

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Literature Review of a Nutrition Topic

Company nutritionists are busy people. Often, they have ideas for product development but do not have the time to adequately search the research literature on a particular topic. Paradox Nutrition, LLC has the resources needed to access the research literature and the skills to review articles and summarize the results.

"Divert energy from methane to milk"

Nutrition Writing for Company Technical Bulletins

Feed additive suppliers and feed companies often need technical bulletins to highlight their products and the research behind them for prospective buyers.  Paradox Nutrition, LLC is available for technical writing.

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"Diets can be a milk fever defense"